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      My name is Jack Meigs, and I am an artist born and raised in Colorado. Ever since 2020, I have been building my portfolio in 3D animation for games and film. Like lots of artists, I started drawing at a young age. When I got into my 20s I began working on building my skills for professional pursuits.


My goal is to improve my craft and to be part of a team working in this creative industry.

Down below you can see my past work and how I got started.


 I was very lucky to learn from David Tart a former animator from Pixar who taught stop-motion animation in 2016 in his small studio in my hometown in Colorado called Rocky Mountain Animation labs. This was the first animation project I ever did and it was a pleasure to learn from David.

I used to have horses of my own and would always draw them. Before I went to my animation school in 2018 I decided to shoot a video reference of one of my horses running and to create this animation. I was so proud of this peace.

Right, when I graduated from Exceptional Minds I started a paid internship at Niantic Inc. and had the opportunity to work on three animations for a test game. I got to work closely with my Supervisor-Mentor Adam Clark. This was my first professional project and it was the best work experience I ever had. Everyone was so welcoming.

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